This Beef Menu Recipe is one of hundreds of recipes you can prepare for your cattery or kennel to provide a healthy and nutrient dense diet conducive for reproduction, growth and development.


Beef Recipe for a 10 lb. Batch


3.4 lbs. of Beef Chunks

11.6 oz. of Chicken Gizzards

1.2. lbs. of Beef Heart

8.1 oz. of Beef Liver

8.1 oz. of Beef Kidney

3.25 lbs. of Chicken Necks

4 raw eggs (both egg white and yolk)



  1. Chunk beef, gizzards and heart into appropriate sized chunks 1” or so for cats and small dogs, larger for bigger dogs.

  2. If your companions will eat it in chunks, chunk the organs as well or if not finely chop the liver and kidney. You can also blend the kidney and liver together.

  3. Mix in a large bucket with the raw eggs

  4. Portion out into containers and freeze until needed

  5. Chicken necks can be portioned out into containers and give to your males, females and young on a daily basis.


This recipe is appropriate for cats and dogs of all life stages. You may wish to grind the bone for the little ones to start and gradually increase the until they are eating whole bones,

Although this is a balanced recipe you must rotate proteins, you cannot simply feed this recipe. All meats, organs and bones have varying nutrient profiles. For a raw diet to truely be balanced variety is key.

To feed variety ,all meat and organs are interchangeable. 3.4 lbs. of beef chunks are the same as 3.4 lbs. of lamb or 1.1 lb. of rabbit and 2.3 lbs. of chicken. Same goes for organs. 8.1 oz of Chicken liver is the same as 8.1 oz of rabbit liver, as 8.1 oz. of beef kidney is the same as 8.1 oz. of goat pancreas or 3.1 oz. of bison brains and 5 oz of beef eyes. Just remember 5% of the organ requirement MUST be liver. Bone is a bit different as the ratio of bone to meat in a chicken neck is not the same in a turkey neck or even a chicken wing so please check meat to bone ratios before adding different bone.

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