No need for fruits, veggies, grains, or supplements there are plenty of other species appropriate whole foods that are full of goodness.


Bonuses are ingredients you can add to your companion’s diet to enhance their meals without having to use supplements which may actually harm your companion instead of benefit them.


Raw eggs are a superfood for your companions. Not only can you feed the yolk, but you can feed the egg white and even the egg shell. Eggs are chalk full of nutrients including the B-vitamins. At one point there was a report that suggested avidin found in the egg whites destroyed Biotin so it was best only to feed the yolk. Although this is true, new research shows that feeding the whole egg not only is more beneficial but the ratio of avidin to other components of the egg isn’t enough to be harmful. Furthermore the yolk has the highest biotin content in the natural world. 


Fish or Krill oils. These oils are full of healthy Omega 3’s that most companion animals are deficient in. The EPA and DHA fatty acids help with a plethora of benefits including aiding in brain function, skin and coat health, anti-inflammatory support for the skin and joints, growth and development and much much more. A little bit can really can go a long way.


Green Tripe. This a portion of the stomach of ruminant animals like cows, sheep and goat. It may contain beneficial enzymes, good bacteria and amino acids that can aid as a tasty (and stinky) snack as well as help get picky eaters to eat .  Make sure the type of tripe you provide your companion is not bleached. This type of tripe is not natural and holds very little benefits for your companions.

Bone Broth This easy to make broth is a tasty addition to your companions’ meals. While it contains minute amounts of nutrients, it is great for getting ill or picky animals to eat, add extra moisture, help to maintain hydration, aid in hip and joint support (if the gelatin is fed) and even help your companion maintain weight. Simply throw extra bones like beef marrow bones, chicken feet, whole prey, necks, wings etc. into a crock pot. Cover with water, add 2-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, cover and cook for one hour on high and 24-48 hours on low. Let cool, strain out and throw away the cooked bones (DO NOT FEED THESE), pour in to a storage container or an ice cube tray and serve with a meal, make into popsicles or serve as an extra treat.

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