If you have more than one companion, a larger batch may be idea if you don't enjoy making individualized meals for each of your companions


A bucket batch is one huge batch based off of the prey animal ratios 80:10:10 just like individualized meals. This is a great option for households with multiple companions. It’s usually easiest to choose an amount of food of want you your batch to be and work from there.


Example One


Jade wants to make a 10 lb batch of food for her 3 cats and one dog.

She will need:


80% of 10 lbs or 10 * 0.8= 8 lbs of muscle meat

10% of 10 lbs or 10 * 0.1= 1 lbs of organ meat

10% of 10 lbs or 10 * 0.1= 1 lbs of bones

When making up menus you can base it off of a standard set of percentages to make calculating easier.


My menus typically are:


80% Muscle Meat

         15% heart

           9% gizzards

           6% raw egg

         70% meat

10% Organ Meats

         50%-100% liver

         0%-50% kidney

10% Bone


One can obviously modify these percentages, but finding something you can use for all your meals can definitely be helpful in the long run.

There are two ways to prepare this batch

1. You can chop everything up and mix it together. This would be similar to an pride of lions sharing a carcass.
When feeding this mixture you simply want to determine your companions' daily requirement and feed that in however many meals you feed your companions.

For example I have five raw fed cats who share from Bucket Batches

2.5 year old - 8.6 lbs - (3%) 4.1 oz per day split among two meals 
2 year old- 10.6 lbs - (3%) 5.1 oz per day split among two meals
1 year old - 9.6 lbs - (3%) 4.6 oz per day split among two meals

8 month old - 8.2 lbs - (kitten) free fed 3 meals per day (consume about 8 oz per day)

7 months old- 9.0 lbs - (kitten) free fed 3 meals per day (consume about 8 oz per day)

2. You can make multiple bucket batches each tailored to each of your companions. Say you want to make 10 lb batches for each animals.

Taking from our Cricket example:

Since our frenchie is an adult we want to feed her 3% of her body weight per day. 

3% of 30 lbs or 30 x 0.03 is  0.9 lbs or 14.4 oz per DAY.

So you will want to take the amount fed per day (14.4 oz) and multiple by the ideal ratios of 80% muscle meat, 5% liver, 5% other secreting organs and 10% bone. You should get:

14.4 oz * 80% (or 0.8) = 11.5 oz of meat
14.4 oz * 5% (or 0.05) = 0.7 oz of liver

14.4 oz * 5% (or 0.05) = 0.7 oz of other secreting organ
14.4 oz * 10% ( or 0.1) = 1.44 oz of bone

By multiplying each of these numbers by 11.1 (160 oz in 10 lbs divided by 14.4 oz per day ) you will get a 10 lbs batch of food. Simply chop up these ingredients and portion out into 11 containers (160 oz total divided 14.4 oz per day means this batch lasts 11 days) Now you have a balanced 10 lbs batch for one companions

Note: The main difference between cats and dogs, is they need taurine. This is easily achieved by adding 15% of heart to the 80% muscle meat portion. By catering to the cats, both dogs and cats can eat the batch.

The above math is perfect for for multiple companions that share form one batch, but sometimes you would like to make a individualized meals for each of your companions Click here to learn more.

Maybe you only have a few ingredients and want to work around that. Click here to learn more.

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