The majority of the pet food industry is int eh hands of about four major companies. You may be surprised at which pet food brands are owned by the same company.


We all now the “popular” brands of pet food that are at every pet store and every grocery store. The brands that even little children know because they see multiple pet food ads on TV as they watch their shows. The brands our veterinarians recommend sitting on the shelves of the waiting room and the posters hung in the exam room. But did you know there are four major companies that hold most of the power, those that own more than one, heck more than 5 DIFFERENT brands of pet foods? Did you know that these companies have their hand in more than just pet foods? They also own clothing, food, pharmaceutical companies and many more products (1,2, 3, 4)  . Below is a list of Conglomerate companies and the pet food brands they also own.


 Many companies use multiple manufacturing companies or production factories to produce their food. Also, listed brands are pet foods NOT treats and other products such as vitamin and mineral supplements.


Our top conglomerates are:


  1. Colgate-Palmolive infamously known as the toothpaste and dish soap people

  2. Mars infamously known as the m & m’s company

  3. Nestle infamously known as the chocolate candy people

  4. Del Monte infamously known as the canned fruit people


Yup they also own the following pet food and treat brands and lines


  • Colgate-Palmolive

    • Hill's Science Diet

      • Hill's Prescription Diets

      • Hill's Ideal Balance


  • Del Monte

    • Big Heart Pet Brands

      • 9Lives

      • Alley Cat

      • Canine Carry Outs

      • Gravy Train

      • Jerky Treats

      • Kibbles ‘n Bites

      • Meaty Bone

      • Meow Mix

      • Milk Bone

      • Milo’s Kitchen

      • Natural Balance

      • Nature’s Recipe

      • Pounce

      • Pup-Peroni

      • Snausages


  • Mars

    • Cesar

    • Crave

    • Eukanuba

    • Iams

    • Natura Pet Products

      • Evo

      • California Naturals

      • Healthwise

      • Innova

    • Nutro Products

      • Nutro

      • Ultra

      • Max

    • Ol' Roy

    • Pedigree

    • Royal Canin

    • Sensible Choice

    • Sheba

    • The Goodlife Recipe

    • Waltham

    • Whiskas


  • Nestle

    • Merrick

      • Castor & Pollux

        • Natural Ultramix

        • Organix

      • Whole Earth Farms

    • Purina

      • Alpo

      • Bakers Complete

      • Beneful

      • Cat Chow/Kitten Chow

      • Chef Michael’s

      • Deli-Cat

      • Dog Chow/ Puppy Chow

      • Fancy Feast

      • Felix

      • Friskies

      • Gourmet

      • Just Right

      • Kit & Kaboodle

      • Mighty Dog

      • Moist and Meaty

      • Muse

      • Pro Plan

      • Purina Beyond

      • Purina one




After reading this list you may ask “I didn’t see my pet food brand on that list” There are other pet food companies out there that are not under these four conglomerates. However, they are not safe from blame. Several other companies own several brands and lines of food as well. The following list displays several other popular brands of food and the companies that own them.


  • Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

    • Rachel Ray Nutrish

      • Dish

      • Just 6

      • Zero Grain


  • Dad’s

  • Better Than


  • Berwind Corporation

    • WellPet LLC

      • Eagle Pack  

      • Holistic Select

      • Sojo’s

      • Wellness


  • Blue Buffalo Company

    • Blue Buffalo

  • Canidae Pet Food Corporation/Ethos Pet Nutrition

    • Canidae

      • Felidae

    • Under the Sun


  • Champion Petfoods

    • Orijen

    • Acana


  • Chicken Soup for the Soul

    • Chicken Soup Pet Food

  • Diamond Pet Company

    • Diamond

    • Diamond Naturals

    • NutraGold

    • Premium Edge

    • Professional +

    • Taste of the Wild

    • Nutra-Nuggets


  • Dogswell

    • Dogswell

    • Nutrisca

    • Livefree

  • Fresh Pet

    • Fresh Pet Select

    • Dog Joy

    • Vital

    • Nature’s Fresh

    • Dognation

    • Fresh Baked


  • Halo

  • Kelly Foods Corporation

    • Bil Jac

  • KLN

    • Tuffy’s Pet Food Inc

      • Nutrisource

        • Natural Planet

        • Purvita

        • Natural Planet Organics

      • Tuffy’s Gold

      • Supreme Quality Pet Food

      • Premium Tuffy’s


  • Natures Logic

  • Natures Variety

    • Nature’s Variety

    • Instinct

    • Prairie

  • Nunn Milling Company

    • Nunn Better

    • Midwestern Pet Foods

      • Earthborn Holistic

      • ProPac

      • SportsMix

  • Pet’s Global

    • Zignature

    • Fussie Cat



So why should you care that these conglomerates owning multiple pet food brands? There are several reasons. When you spend your hard earned dollars on pet food, you not only want a food that is going to keep your pet happy and healthy, but you should also want to support the company that provides the food. If their morals and ethics don’t match up with yours there is no point in feeding it to your companion. If your values do not align with a company and you decide to switch brands, do so wisely as you may be switching brands but, not the actual company that designs, formulates and/or makes it or the conglomerate that owns it.

One goal of these mass take overs is to make as much money as a company can while targeting multiple income levels as well as interests of the individual pet own. With targeting various sectors, the cost of production and ingredients vary on a broad spectrum of low quality to higher quality. We can understand this marketing scheme, but shouldn’t pet food companies have our companion’s best interest in mind? Shouldn’t they be producing high quality food no matter what? Makes you wonder where the Pet Food Industry’s values really lie doesn’t it?


Another concern is with how many other industries these companies have their hands in. We understand branching out, but branching out with completely unrelated products makes you question what these companies really care about. Are they really focused on providing quality products or just providing as many products as they can?

Below is a list of companies that only own one brand/line AND only produce pet foods. This includes companies that produce vitamins and mineral supplements (which in itself is interesting considering we are under the assumption that our commercial pet foods are 100% complete and balanced) It excludes companies that also sell other non-consumable pet products like cat litter.


  • Annamaet

  • Fromm Family Foods

    • Fromm

  • Honest Kitchen

  • Precise Pet Products

    • Precise Holistic Complete

  • Solid Gold

  • Stella and Chewys

  • VerUs

  • Vital Essentials


      As you can see there are many pet food brands out there and tons that are actually owned by the same company. Choose wisely when picking a brand of food to feed your companion. Make sure the company’s values and agenda line up with yours and what you want in regards for providing for your companions. Remember that in the past a company or product may have been top of the line, but as time goes on and money become more important, companies, products and their quality can change with it. It really could make a world of a difference in the health and well-being of your companions.



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