Welcome Elysian Bengals, Bengal families!

We are so happy you have decided to continue raw feeding your beloved companion. We understand you want to provide the best for your furbaby, but may not have the time to prepare raw batches or meals so we are happy to provide this service for you at a special price!

This is the food your Bengals have grown up on so there is little concern for adjusting to new foods. Not only do we provide personalized meals and recipes, but monthly menus for you as well. Food is also available in 8 oz and 16 oz containers that are freezer and dishwasher safe and with our Recycling Rewards program you don’t have to worry about wasting plastic containers.

Our meals are 100% balanced in the proper approximately 80% muscle meat, 5% liver 5% secreting organ and 10% bone. They are made only with human grade meats and stored appropriately for maximum preservation. They contain no denaturants, chemical preservatives, dyes or other non species appropriate ingredients.


What sets us a part?
Chunked human grade meats. All companies that make raw meals are often ground. This increases the surface area exposing the ingredients to oxidation and possible bacteria colonization.


Most companies only do single sourced proteins. We provide single source and mixed protein meals.


Our meals are custom and personally designed for your companions based on their individual weight and needs



The Nutrition Code's Single Source Protein Meals in many cases is less expensive or comparable to commercial raw products.

Below is a chart of popular companies that create Prey Model Raw Complete Meals and costs for 16 oz containers.












Note: Prices do not include shipping costs nor factor in minimum order requirements.


This service is currently only available to North Carolina, Virginia and Eastern Tennessee residence unless you are willing to travel or pay for shipping.