Franken Prey style feeding is the least expensive and on of the easiest ways to feed raw with variety. Plus its really great for maintaining oral hygiene.


This method is ideal for raw feeders who are not ready to feed whole prey as well as those who want to provide more variety in each meat. This methods follows the same ideal ratio as whole prey 80% muscle meat, 5% liver, 5% other secreting organ and 10% bone. Meat, organs and bone can be provided in any combination from almost any animal as long as it follows the ideal ratio. 

With chunked meats and whole raw meaty bones, the biggest benefit is maintaining good oral health. Chunked meats and bones not only scrap the teeth, but they massage the gums which is perfect for teething animals, strengthen the jaw and provide mental stimulation similar to what is experienced with wild prey. 

Of the three methods this is the least expensive but could be more time consuming, however once you get a hang of it the process can easily be streamlined.


Gather and Prepare

The first step is too gather your materials and prep station. Below is a list of common things you may need:

  • Large Cutting Board

-You can easily obtain a large cutting board from a restaurant store or other store that sells bulk or unique kitchen supplies that you can’t normally purchase at a grocery store. Large cutting boards are perfect for keeping your prep station cleaner.

  • Butcher’s Knife

-A sharp butchers knife will be essential for chunking your meat and chopping through larger bones​

  • Large Bucket

-You can get large buckets relatively cheap from hardware stores like Lowe's or Home Depot. Others have used large totes or plastic storage bins from places like Walmart.

  • Metal Kitchen Scale

-Preferable this would be one with a bowl

  • Storage containers

You can easily source tupperware containers at most stores or if you have multiple pets or plan to make large batches restaurant stores can provide you with inexpensive deli containers that are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Large spoon

-This will be used to mix all your ingredients together. A metal or plastic spoon is best as they are easy to clean. Select a spoon with a long handle and wide mouth.


You will also need your Recipe Card.


You may also want a Whiteboard Marker for labeling your meals once prepared.


Finally, you will need cleaning supplies for after preparations. 


Step One

Weigh out each of the ingredients needed according to your recipe. You can do this all at once or weigh an ingredient, chop it up, than weigh the next.


Step Two

Chunk up your meat and organs in pieces large enough that your companion must chew their food. Put them all in the bucket and mix together with the large spoon.


Step Three

Add any bonuses by mixing it into the batch. I would recommend if you are adding oils like krill oil, to add this at each meal versus mixing into the batch. 


Step Four

Portion out the chunked mix into containers and label with the white board marker with protein type.

If you are making a batch for one companion, figure out how many days the food will last. If that is 7 days, than place out 7 containers and portion equally into each container. You do not need to weigh each portion to the T as your batch should be balanced and your companion will get everything they need balanced over time.


Step Five

Place storage containers in the freezer for maximum preservation.


Step Six

Clean!! This is one of the most important steps in the process. Our companions can handle bacteria, humans not so much. If you do not have a dishwasher, clean your cutting utensils, bowls and cutting board with hot water and soap, water and bleach solution etc. Disinfect the countertop and anything else meat juices may have been able to splash on such as cabinets, appliance surfaces or on the floor. Don’t forget about anything you may have touched like writing utensils, fridge handles etc. Finally, throw all the hand towels in the washer that you may have used to wipe or dry your hands with. By the end of your cleaning session, your kitchen/prep space should be the cleanest place in your home.

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