TNC's Meal Service is a perfect option for those that want to raw feed but just don't have the time. We take the time and put the TLC each of our companions deserve into each meal. 

Our meals are 100% balanced in the proper ratios approximately 80% muscle meat, 5% liver, 5% secreting organ and 10% bone. They are made only with human grade meats and stored appropriately for maximum preservation. They contain no denaturants, chemical preservatives, dyes or other non species appropriate ingredients like artificial vitamin and mineral supplements or fruits, veggies and grains. They are perfect for all life stages and all carnivore companion animals including cats, dogs and ferrets.


What sets us a part?

All our meals are chunked human grade meats and organs . Most others companies that make raw meals are often ground. This increases the surface area exposing the ingredients to oxidation and possible bacteria colonization.


Other Ingredients
As a Prey Model Raw based company we don't use artificial vitamin or mineral supplements nor fruits, veggies or grains that are not suitable for our carnivore companions


Variety is important as part of a balanced diet.  Most companies only do a small selection of single sourced proteins. We provide single sourced and mixed protein meals that are easy to mix and match.


Our meals are custom and can be personally designed for your individual companions with no addition costs
Feeding Chart



The Nutrition Code's Single Source Protein Meals in many cases are less expensive or comparable to commercial raw products. Our Mixed Proteins are even more cost effective but we don't have much comparison to go off of 

Below is a chart of popular companies that produce raw food and costs for 16 oz containers/packages.













                                 *Note: Prices do not factor rehydration of freeze dried or dehydrated products 






















































































































































At this time this service is currently only available to North Carolina, South Carolina  Virginia and Tennessee residence unless you are willing to travel