Secreting organs make up a smaller portion of a Prey Model Raw diet but really pack a punch with a plethora of important vitamins and minerals.


Organ meat in the PMR diet makes up 10% of the meal or batch. These organs unlike meat organs are secreting. They are included to provide essential vitamins and minerals some of which are higher in organs than in muscle meat. Liver is a wonderful example. It includes copper that is found only in small amounts in other sources but in significant amounts in liver. This is why liver MUST make up 50% of the organ requirement.


Organs can include:


  • Liver

  • Pancreas

  • Testicles

  • Thymus

  • Ovaries

  • Kidney

  • Spleen

  • Brain


Secreting organs can come from various protein sources including:


  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Fish

  • Rabbit

  • Kangaroo

  • Ostrich

  • Beef

  • Quail

  • Lamb

  • Venison

  • Cornish Game Hen

  • Pheasant

  • Duck

  • Bison

  • Goose

  • Pork

  • Goat


Some organs may be easier to source than others and it should also be noted that organs from difference protein sources can look slightly different in size, shape and color.

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