The Nutrition Code is proud to present it's very own book "So You Want to Raw Feed". After reading countless books that had one thing in common...inclusion of at least 10% plant material in the diets despite the authors explaining that cats and dogs are carnivores and have no need nor can properly digest plant material, we decided why keep complaining and produce our own book! 

         This book is full of original, easy and comprehensive information to make your journey to raw feeding your companions effortless! You find within this text everything from where to source ingredients, how to spend less on raw feeding and what poop can tell you to how to keep your home and family clean and healthy, how to calculate your companions consumption needs and everything in between!


So You Want to Raw Feed Your Dog

  • We are more than willing to refund or replace a book if there is any damage.


    We cannot offer a refund if:
    You decided raw feeding is no longer for you or your companion for any reason 

  • We off special pricing!! 

    Pet Owners - $12 per book
    Breeders - $ 10 per book
    Bulk - $8 per book (10 more books)

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