The Nutrition Code is proud to present it's very own book "So You Want to Raw Feed Your Ferret". After reading countless books that had one thing in common...little to no mention of our carnivore companions, the ferret, we decided, why keep complaining and produce our own book! 

         This book is full of original, easy and comprehensive information to make your journey to raw feeding your ferrets effortless! This book also specifically is tailored to our ferret friends and fits a model of true species appropriate raw feeding. You will find within this text everything from a free recipe and  how to make sure your ferret gets enough taurine and other essential nutrients to transitioning your picky diva and everything in between!

​​​​​​​*Cover is only a digital mock up the book is less than 100 pages

So You Want to Raw Feed Your Ferret

  • We are more than willing to refund or replace a book if there is any damage.


    We cannot offer a refund if:
    You decided raw feeding is no longer for you or your companion for any reason 

  • We off special pricing!! 

    Pet Owners - $12 per book
    Breeders - $`10 per book
    Bulk - $8 per book (10 more books)

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