At this time we do not have any physically shippable products. All e-books or menus from our DYI Menu Database are delivered to your email address after payment. 


Our goal is to not only educate raw feeders but foster our relationships but providing valuable services and a memorable experience.  Refunds for any menus purchased in the DYI Menu Database or the So You Want to Raw Feed e-book will be refunded within the first 7 days if there is a formatting problem. Screen shot or video proof must be provided for the refund to be considered.


Thank you for all your love and support of raw feeding and The Nutrition Code. In order to accommodate all our raw feeders we accept paypal, credit card, cash and check as payment methods for all our products. 


At this time we do not have any whole sale opportunities but please check back as well have many more wonderful services and products in the works!