A Weight Lifted

For the last six months I have been feeling very upset and a lot of disappointment with how my life has been. For the last 17 years I have wanted to be a veterinarian. I have been dedicated, passionate and hardworking. Although great qualities this all meant I funneled all my efforts, money, time and resources into going to Vet school. I discovered that after taking on a third job this August in addition to two other jobs and going to school that I literally had no time for anything else.

Its hard for me to be sharing this because like anyone I want to be wonder woman, please everyone and keep true to my word whether with Precious Paw Prints Jewelry or anything else I pursue.

Anyway many days I would wake up when it was dark and get home when it was dark, often working two of my jobs in one day. I would come home and eat dinner than go to bed an hour later to repeat the next day. I rarely had a day off. Although this particular schedule has been the last three months, I have run my life as such being constantly busy filling my time only with animal related things. Because of the lack of time, not only has my jewelry business been put on the back burner for a bit, but I was worried the lack of time impacted my relationship with my amazing fiance.

My health, diet wise has gone to the way side because I haven't been able to plan, shop and cook for us. My health physically went down hill too. Many days I had to take small snacks to my jobs but further more I experienced stomach issues for five weeks straight.

Everyday after I got up and before going to bed I actually dreaded my schedule and even all day at one job in particular. A few weeks ago I had a small break down which has only been one of many in the last six months. I was feeling unhappy, unfullfilled, unhealthy and unbalanced. After several days of making lists, comparing pros and cons, creating flow charts and doing some research, I made some important decisions. I realized the veterinary industry is not for me and that's ok. There are other ways to help animals.

I have been working with Nutrisource a nutritious food company for almost 8 months. I really love my job and realized animal nutrition is my passion. There is definitely a need for it in this world! So I gave my two weeks at the animal clinic I work at and will be done at HACC (the local Community college) after I finish out this semester of chemistry. I also began to write again, read an hour before bed for pleasure which includes a ton of animal nutrition books, gotten some annual doctor appointments scheduled and have a yoga place in mind to attend. I want to get back to being happy, healthy and balanced. I want to enjoy my life. I know this may be a surprise, but I am confident with my decision and have a great group of people supporting me I'm really ready to make some changes in my life and I am glad I realized it now at 24 rather than down the road!

The plan is to take winter to rejuvenate than begin animal nutrition certifications in canine and feline natural health and nutrition and to eventually open my own health retreat/center for animals and the education of their owners in nutrition to address and treat some of the negative effects of bad nutrition.

I really feel like a weight has been lifted!

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