Saving in Bulk Feeding for Years

So recently I upped my raw feeding game. I got a referral for a new source of meat, bones and organs (all human grade) in which I could buy in bulk so I ended up buying 240 lbs! Crazy I know but it only cost me in total $1.06/lbs

Feeding two cats 2 meals each per day the items i bought will last

Chicken Liver 30 lbs at $1/lb = 192 weeks ( 3 years 35.5 weeks)

Chicken Thigh 40 lbs at $1.12 /lb = 12 weeks (3.7 months)

Turkey Hearts 40 lbs at $1.25 /lb = 82 weeks (1 year 29 weeks) (plus some i didn’t potation it all out)

Turkey Gizzard 30 lbs at $ 1.33/lb = 60 weeks (1 year 8 weeks)

Chicken Gizzard 40 lbs at $ 1.25/lbs = 58 weeks (1 year 6 weeks)

I also got chicken necks 40 lbs = $0.62/lbs, duck wings 10 lbs = $1.50/lb

I want to provide my cats with the highest quality of food. If i were to buy 240 lbs of dry (death nugget) kibble (not that i actually would) i would have spent $1200 (and that's not an exaggeration) this does not include the down the road health problems that most (but not all) cats experience eating a kibble food (UTI, kidney issues etc.) that would result in veterinary visits, medication and other health related things but this also does not take in consideration that you have to feed a kibble fed cat more per meal than a raw fed cat.

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