Raw Meals Dinner 8/31 and 9/1

Last two nights of dinner for the cats Yesterday Remy and the kittens had Chicken Menu including ground thigh meat, heart, gizzards and liver with pork and emu menu including ground emu and ground pork meat, pork heart, kidney, liver all mixed with raw egg topped with a chicken neck, krill oil, plaque off for Remy and homemade bonebroth for Vaaldir Qaedo had turkey menu with ground thigh meat, heart, gizzard and liver mixed with raw egg and topped with krill oil and a homemade bone broth Today Remy, Cortana and Vaaldir had chicken menu, pork and emu menu and beef menu which included beef chunks, hearts, Liver and kidney mixed with raw egg, topped with a chicken neck and krill oil plus plaque off for Remy and bone broth for Vaaldir What's in your bowl?

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