Raw Meals 11-2

Yummy what do we have for dinner?

1️⃣Chicken 🐔 and Mackerel 🐠 Menu w/ Plaque Off and Colloidal Silver -Chunked Chicken Thigh Meat -Chicken Heart ❤️ -Chicken Gizzards -Chicken Liver -Whole Prey Mackerel 2️⃣Chicken Menu w/ Homemade Bone Broth, Krill oil and a chicken neck -Chunked Chicken Thigh Meat -Chicken Heart -Chicken Gizzards -Chicken Liver -Chicken Egg 🥚 3️⃣Chicken and Mackerel Menu for a pregnant momma Since we are using whole prey mackerel we are not adding bone or omega 3s as this fish includes it 4️⃣Chicken Menu w/ krill oil and a chicken neck What’s in your bowl? 

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