Batch Day Part One

Today was Batch Day Part 1. We still have four more recipes to complete when our order comes can you guess what they are? Here is what we prepped today! Turkey Menu 🦃 Turkey Thigh Meat Turkey Heart Turkey Gizzards Turkey Liver Raw Chicken Egg (white and yolk) Beef and Goat Stew Menu 🐄🐏 Beef Chunks Beef Heart Goat Heart Beef Kidney Goat Liver Raw Chicken Egg (white and yolk) Duck Stew Menu 🦆 Duck Meat Duck Heart Duck Gizzard Duck liver Raw Chicken Egg (white and yolk) Freezer mix 2 🐄🐖🐃🦌 Course Ground Pork Picnic Chunked Beef Meat Oxtail Meat Pork Kidney Pork Heart Venison Heart Venison Trachea Venison Liver 

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