Storing raw properly not only ensure preservation of meals but also extra ingredients you want to stock up on. 


Preparing meals and finding great deals on meat, organs and bone are great, but if you can’t store it properly, you won’t get very far. Without proper storage ingredients will go bad which means a lot of wasted money.


Plastic baggies are a cheap and easy to use method for storage. They can be found in many locations including grocery stores. Unfortunately, a downside to this storage method includes a game of tetrus. Baggies and their contents freeze in the shape they are left often creating an organizational problem if you ever have to sort through your stock of ingredients. Also imagine all the plastic waste you are creating over the many years of your companion’s life. A special note, if you chose to use this method make sure you purchase freezer bags not storage bags. Storage bags seem to leak when defrosting leaving a big mess for one to clean up.


Plastic containers such as Tupperware or deli containers are similar to plastic baggies. They are inexpensive and probably not the best choice for the eco conscious but the added bonus is they are one conformed shape. This means your game of tetrus is much easier. You also don’t have to replace these containers as often considering they don’t have a one-time use like plastic baggies.


In addition to plastic containers a specific brand called Really Useful Box is great for beginner raw feeders. These boxes are made by a company in the UK and are available online and even in craft stores like A.C. Moore. Not only do they come in several sizes they also come in a plethora of colors. This is ideal for anyone that wants to be organized especially if they have multiple pets or different meal types. They are dish washer and freezer as well which makes clean up easy.


If you want to get away from all the plastic, glass containers such as glass Tupperware or even mason jars are the way to go. They are not as cost effective but they last much longer, are eco-friendly and can really help keep your ingredient stock organized since these containers are uniform and don’t change shape.


In regards to storing ingredients for the long-term in addition to meals when starting to feed raw small batches and single meals can be stored in a standard refrigerator/freezer combination. Most meals can be stored in the freezer portion than defrosted in the refridgerator 24-48 hours in advanced. Eventually you will want to buy ingredients in bulk at which a deep chested freezer is a great item to invest in. They come in many sizes and models that could fit your individual needs. Often you don't even need to purchase a brand new one. Online yard sale groups and craigslist many times have listings for freezers that are in good condition but need a new home. 

Please take note: Common game meats that hunted like venison or rabbit should be frozen for at least 3 weeks to kill most parasites. Freezing your ingredients also helps them last longer. Unlike humans most companion animals will eat meat that may have frostbite so don't miss a chance to pick this up from the yard sale groups either.

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